My sewer backed up and caused water damage in my basement. Can I start cleaning up the mess?

Don’t get started just yet! Though you may be tempted to start cleaning up right away, it’s important to document the sewer backup damage first. If you can, take pictures and save things that may show the cause (e.g., piece of burst pipe, braided hose, sump pump) as we may be able to pursue the at-fault party or manufacturer for recovery of your loss. Take pictures of any damage to your belongings and your home as well. You can also collect any related paperwork like receipts, product manuals or warranties.

Once you’ve documented the damage, you can start cleaning if it’s safe to do so (water must be well below electrical outlets, etc.).

Heads up! If you need emergency repairs or assistance cleaning up, we can help! While you’re reporting your home insurance claim online, you’ll be asked if you require an emergency services vendor – here’s how to get one. Reporting over the phone? Your Claims Professional can help you during your call.

Not sure if you have coverage for sewer backup? It isn’t automatically included in your home insurance policy. Be sure to read your policy carefully. Contact us if you have any questions about what you’re covered for – and what you’re not.