How to get an emergency services vendor for urgent repairs

What do you do when your home’s been damaged by water or fire – or a huge tree branch has fallen through it? What if you have no place to cook or sleep? Sometimes an event will happen where your home will be unsafe, or even unlivable.

In a situation like this, you might need someone to come help clean up right away to prevent further damage. That’s why we have emergency services vendors available to you. And, you can request this service directly during the online claim reporting process.

Important note: The priority of our emergency services vendors is to stabilize your property and prevent further damage. Depending on your claim, this may include protecting undamaged property and belongings. It could also involve removing standing water and other damaged materials like carpet or drywall.

Here’s how to request your vendor:

  1. Log in to your Sonnet account.
  2. Select Make a digital claim. Start filling out your online home insurance claim report.
  3. After entering your contact information, we’ll ask if you require an emergency services vendor.
  4. If it’s during business hours (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.): Type Claims help in the chat to connect with a live agent during business hours. We will connect you with a Claims Professional who will schedule a vendor to assist you.

If it’s after business hours: We’ll give you the contact number to report your claim to our after-hours service. They will help arrange a vendor so you can get help, fast.