How do I get my Enterprise rental car when I’m reporting my claim online?

If you’re eligible for a rental car, here’s how to get it if you’re submitting your car insurance claim online. We want to get you back on the road as soon as possible!

Step one: Booking your Enterprise rental during the claim reporting process

  1. On the Let’s get you on your way screen, select Enterprise car rental.
  2. On the next screen, your address will prepopulate. Select the Enterprise location nearest to you.
  3. Choose the location you want to book your rental car reservation. Click Continue.
  4. Confirm the location and enter your email address.
  5. Once you click Continue, your reservation will be sent to Enterprise.
  6. Enterprise will contact you with your next steps – see Step two below.

Step two: Getting your Enterprise rental car

  1. Once you’ve completed the above steps, Enterprise will email you with a confirmation number.
  2. Activate your Priority Pass so you can get your rental quickly, and then enter the last four digits of the phone number linked to your Sonnet Insurance account.
  3. You’ll be taken to the Rental Info page. Provide the following information:

    Your vehicle’s repair date and the certified repair shop’s information. (If you don’t have this right away, call Enterprise to provide it when it’s available – you can proceed without it)
    Your pickup location. (An Enterprise representative will pick you up here and take you to the rental branch)
    Your personal information including name, home address, email, phone number and driver’s license number

  4. On the Select Your Vehicle page, choose a rental car that is closest in make and model to the vehicle involved in the incident.
  5. On the Verify Info page, confirm all the information is correct. Click Submit.
  6. You’ll be provided with a reservation number and a Sonnet Insurance claim number.

Step three: What to do at the rental branch

1. Sort out the deposit with the rental agent. This is standard procedure – they require it in case any minor damage occurs (like if a customer smokes in the vehicle).
2. An agent will do a walkaround of your rental vehicle. Take photos of any marks or dents you see on the vehicle.
3. Sign the rental agreement and get back on the road!

Heads up! You aren’t covered for gas, mileage, environmental fees, tickets, toll highway fees, or optional insurance. The insurance on your own vehicle will transfer over to the rental temporarily while your vehicle is out of service. If you choose to purchase additional insurance, it’ll be at your own cost.