How do I get and use my Uber Voucher?

If you’re eligible, you’ll be presented with the option to choose an Uber Voucher to help you get around if you can’t use your vehicle after an accident.

Here’s how to use your Uber Voucher:

  1. First, make sure you’re within an area that Uber services.
  2. Download the Uber app or use your existing account.
  3. On the Let’s get you on your way screen, select Uber Voucher.
  4. The Uber Voucher screen will appear. Enter the phone number you’d like to use to receive texts related to the voucher.
  5. After entering your number, you’ll see the Get ready to ride screen and receive a text to that number with a link to your Uber Voucher.
  6. Click on the link in the text and your voucher will be added to your Wallet in the Uber app under the Voucher section – only once your claim has been submitted.
  7. Once it’s in your Wallet and your claim has been submitted, you’re all set! It’ll be applied to your upcoming rides until the amount is used up.

Heads up! There are a few important things to remember about your Uber Voucher.

  • The Uber Voucher can be used up to the $225 limit, or until it expires. After the expiry date, any amount that remains unused will no longer be valid.
  • If you experience any issues with the voucher, please contact us to speak with a Claims Professional, or speak with your adjuster.
  • Uber Vouchers have no cash value, do not apply to tips, or cover damage that may occur to a vehicle. Vouchers should only be used for ride sharing. Your personal payment method will be charged for any Uber Eats, grocery, or pick up orders.