What do I choose as my Incident Type when submitting an online auto insurance claim?

In this part of the online claim reporting process, we want you to identify the primary cause of the incident – that is, the direct event that caused the damage or injuries.

You must select the incident that most closely matches what happened to you.

Heads up! If your incident doesn’t fit any of the categories provided, you can select ‘Other’, or add the information about your claim under ‘Additional details’ at the end of the process. After you submit your claim, your Claims Professional will give you a call to ask more questions and go over any next steps with you.

Collision with other vehicles

Select this type of claim when you’re in an accident with another car. These could include:

• Another vehicle rear-ended me
• I rear ended another vehicle
• Another vehicle changed lanes into me
• I changed lanes into another vehicle
• Another vehicle turned left in front of me
• I turned left in front of another vehicle
• Another vehicle backed into me
• I backed into another vehicle
• I struck another parked vehicle
• My vehicle was struck while parked
• Other

Collision with something else

Select this type of claim when you’ve been in a collision with a person, object or animal – not a vehicle. These could include:

• Collision with a pedestrian
• Collision with a cyclist
• Collision with an object/the ground
• Tree
• Pole
• Building
• Curb
• Pothole
• Other
• Collision with an animal
• Moose
• Deer
• Bear
• Other wild animal
• Other domestic animal

Weather event

Select this type of claim when your car has been damaged by a weather-related event. These include:

• Wind
• Hail
• Fire
• Lightning
• Flood

Crime against vehicle

Select this type of claim when your car has been targeted by someone committing a crime, including:

• Theft (including carjacking)
• Attempted theft
• Arson (fire)
• Vandalism

Random event

• Flying or falling object
• Explosion

Event not linked to your vehicles

Injury only
• Occupant of another vehicle
• Injured as a pedestrian or cyclist