Do I need receipts for a renters insurance claim?

It’s not absolutely necessary to have receipts for all your stuff if you have to file a tenant insurance claim. But it can certainly make the claim process go more smoothly, since it’s much easier to determine the replacement cost of your damaged or stolen items if you’ve got the original receipts.

A few more things you can do to simplify the claims process? Keep an inventory of your belongings along with how much each item is worth. Update this list every few months. Take photos of your bigger ticket items – like your widescreen TV and your electronics. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to take pictures of every pair of socks you own!) And, get appraisals if necessary – especially if you have things that are more difficult to value, like art.

Heads up! Remember, some items – like jewellery and bicycles – have special limits under your Personal Belongings Coverage. This limit can’t be increased above the Basic option ($3,000 per item, up to a total of $10,000). You want to be sure your valuables are covered in case something happens. If you have a higher-value item, consider adding extra coverage.

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