Do I have to have my vehicle repaired at one of Sonnet’s certified repair shops? Can I choose a repair shop that’s not on your list?

You can have your vehicle repaired at a shop of your choice, even if it’s not on our list. But, because we don't have an agreement with them, we can't guarantee their work or the timeliness of their repairs. Be sure to read and understand the repair facility’s terms and conditions.

Heads up! Using a certified repair shop is highly recommended – here’s why.

How to submit your claim if you’re not using a Sonnet-certified repair shop:

In order to submit your claim, you’ll have to connect with a Claims Professional via online chat. They’ll then be able to help you finish submitting the claim with the repair shop of your choice. If it’s after hours, you can submit the claim online regardless, even if you haven’t selected a repair shop. We’ll send you a confirmation email and a Claims Professional will call you within the timeframe provided in the email. You can discuss repairs during the call.