What type of home and auto claims can I submit online?

We’ve got good news – you can submit most types of property and car insurance claims online directly through your Sonnet account!

You can report claims for things like:


• Collision with vehicle(s), objects, cyclists, pedestrians, or animals.
• Weather events due to wind, hail, fire, lightning, or flood.
• Crime against your vehicle such as theft, vandalism, or arson.
• Random events such as flying or falling objects, or explosions.

Don’t know what to choose as the Incident Type when you’re submitting your online car insurance claim? Check out our FAQ on Incident Types to help guide you.

Heads up! If you have a claim that has caused windshield damage only, the process is a little different. Please read this FAQ to submit a claim for windshield damage only.


Interior or exterior losses to your home, or items lost or damaged due to certain events, including:

• Fire
• Water
• Wind or hail
• Theft or missing items on or off your property

Tip: If items covered in your policy were damaged or stolen from somewhere outside of your home/ condo/rental unit, you can report a claim stating that the damage or theft occurred “Somewhere else”.

Your home and auto insurance covers so much more than what’s listed above. We want you to be fully protected. Read your policies – both home and auto – and contact one of our licensed Insurance Advisors if you have any questions about what is and isn’t covered.