What is a certified repair shop?

A certified repair shop is a car repair shop that’s been vetted by Sonnet as a high-quality service provider.

We know claims can be stressful – especially when you’re dealing with the aftermath of an accident and everything that comes with it. You deserve to have the best service on offer so you can worry less. That’s why we’ve made sure each certified vendor on our list is a one-stop shop that provides an end-to-end experience with high customer satisfaction. It’s highly recommended to use one of our certified repair shops in your area.

Our certified shops will:

  • Have experience in repairing your type of vehicle and deliver high quality repairs
  • Inspect and document your vehicle’s damage
  • Provide you with an estimate of the work required
  • Issue you a rental car (if rental coverage is available)
  • Work with us to approve repairs and handle payment

Our Claims Professionals specialize in online claims, and can assist you with any questions you might have. Just contact us – we’re happy to help.