How does group insurance work?

Group home and auto insurance offers a preferred rate to customers who are part of specific associations related to education, profession, employer or affinity. Insurance companies often partner with specific groups to offer these plans at no additional cost to you or your association.

What are the benefits of group insurance?
For customers, the biggest benefit is a discounted premium. You’ll get the same great coverage for your home or auto, plus an exclusive group discount. At Sonnet, we also offer benefits beyond discounted rates through partners, tools and offers that will improve your financial well-being and simplify your life.

For groups, associations, or employers, a group insurance plan can enhance your total rewards offering and build member engagement. Offer your members exclusive discounts to help them save money and reduce their financial stress. 

Are you the plan administrator for a group or an association? Learn more about the benefits of joining the Sonnet group insurance plan.