I have Sonnet auto insurance in Alberta, how will I be impacted by Sonnet leaving the market?

Why is Sonnet leaving the Alberta market?

Due to the current operating situation for insurance companies in Alberta, we have decided to end our auto insurance operations in the province.

Will I lose my auto insurance policy?

We assure you that Sonnet auto insurance customers won't be affected by this decision right away. All current auto insurance policies will stay in place, subject to their terms and conditions.

What will happen when it’s time for me to renew my auto insurance policy?

We will continue to renew auto insurance policies until later this year, when we begin phasing out our auto insurance operations in the province. When that begins, you won't be able to renew your auto insurance policy with Sonnet. When it’s time for a policy renewal, we’ll reach out directly to each customer to go over information about options to select another auto insurance provider.

I also have home insurance with Sonnet, will that coverage be impacted?

No need to worry, Sonnet’s property insurance isn't impacted by this decision and will continue to be available in Alberta.

How will claims be impacted?

Claims will continue to be carried out normally. There’s no impact to your claim because of this decision.