How do I make a one-time payment?

Important: One-time payments should be made only if you’ve received a registered letter, email or notification from Sonnet requesting that you make one.

Follow the steps below to make a one-time payment through your account, or by calling us.

Make a one-time payment online:

  1. On your Dashboard, you’ll see a notice at the top of the page letting you know a payment is required – you’ll be reminded of the owed amount, and the pending cancellation date.
  2. Click on “pay now online”.
  3. Enter in your payment details. For online payments, we accept all major credit cards.

Make a one-time payment over the phone:

  1. Have your policy number and the amount owed ready.
  2. Give us a call at 1-844-SONNET4.
  3. Listen to the menu options, and chose the selection that takes you to the one-time payment process.
  4. Follow the instructions over the phone. For phone payments, we accept all major credit cards and Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit cards.

Heads up! Be sure to pay the exact amount stated on the letter you received.