When will my payment(s) be processed?

Payments may be made monthly or annually. If you’re paying monthly, payments may be taken as early as 12:01 a.m. ET on your selected payment date.

Heads up! Every customer will have a different experience. We take many factors into consideration when determining which payment plans are available (based on the information provided in your quote).

Forgot your payment date? Don’t worry, you can double check your payment dates by logging in to your Sonnet account. On your Dashboard, you can see the date and amount of your next scheduled payment. To see your full payment schedule, click the policy you would like to review and select the Payments tab. Under this tab, you can also download your account statement by clicking Download statements.

Heads up! If you’re paying through bank withdrawal, payment dates falling on the weekend or a holiday will be attempted the following business day for this payment method.