How is the Sonnet Shift Driving Result discount or surcharge applied to my policy?

Your Driving Result is a discount or surcharge updated quarterly (every 3 months from your policy effective date) to your car insurance premium, as long as you took 20 trips and drove 300km over the last 90 days. If you haven’t driven enough during the last 90 days, your Driving Result will not update. This means you’ll either have no Driving Result (if you never had one) or the same Driving Result that was applied on your last Shift Adjustment.

If you have more than one driver enrolled in Sonnet Shift, each driver will have their own individual Driving Result.

We calculate your Driving Result based on your overall Driving Score. Depending on how safely you drove over the last 90 days, you could get up to a maximum 35% discount on your premium – but if your driving was on the riskier side, you could see a surcharge of up to 30%.

To see how you’ve been doing behind the wheel week over week, you can view your Projected Driving Result for the upcoming Shift Adjustment in the Sonnet Insurance app. It’s based on your current score and updated weekly based on the last 90 days. It will help you see how you’ve been driving so you can keep getting better – and save money in the long run.

Need some tips on how to be a safer driver? Just check your score breakdown for advice that’ll help you improve your driving.

Heads up! The Driving Result discount or surcharge will be applied to all coverages on your policy except for endorsements (like our Vroom Service Bundle) and family protection coverage.