I bought a new vehicle. How do I transfer my car insurance from my old car to my new car?

To “swap” vehicles, follow the steps below to add your new vehicle, then remove the old vehicle from your policy. Be sure to have your VIN and leasing/financing information for your new vehicle ready when it’s time to switch your insurance from one car to another.

  1. Click on the policy you’d like to update. Select Update vehicles and drivers from the options that appear.
  2. From the Coverage page click on Edit policy and choose the date you would like the change to take effect in order to transfer insurance to your new car. Click Continue.

    Heads up! If you’re trading in or selling your old vehicle on the same day that you get your new one, use this as the date your changes should take effect. If you still need to drive your old vehicle for any reason, just add your new vehicle at this time. Any time after this change has taken effect, login again and remove your old vehicle from this policy.

  3. Choose Add another vehicle and enter the information for your new car.
  4. Now you can remove your old vehicle from this policy. Click on the arrow next to the vehicle you want to remove and scroll down to the bottom of Vehicle Details. Click Remove and then Continue.
  5. From the Coverage Details page, review your coverage and the cost of your new policy. This amount is pro-rated and divided by the number of payments left on your current policy term. Click Update policy to go to the next step. On the Review and update page, click Update policy again to finalize your changes and transfer your car insurance.