Does my contents insurance cover accidental damage?

It depends. Your personal belongings could be covered by contents insurance (also known as Personal Belongings Coverage here at Sonnet), depending on what’s caused the accidental damage.

If the damage is caused by an event covered by your policy – like an accidental fire – then yes, you’re covered. And the great thing about Sonnet? We offer Replacement Cost for your contents. This means we’ll cover the cost to repair or replace your lost or damaged property, without any deduction for depreciation.

On the other hand, if you knock a delicate item (like fine china) off a table and it breaks, it won’t be covered. A few more things that aren’t covered under your Sonnet policy are any damage from normal wear and tear, marring or scratching, and deterioration. Also not covered? If the item is defective or if there’s a mechanical breakdown. And finally, you won’t have coverage to fix the item if the workmanship is poor.

Here’s more info on how your personal belongings are covered. Plus, a fun video featuring one of our very own Sonnet heroes!