Can you get flood insurance on a mobile home?

Yes. If you add Overland Water protection to your home insurance policy, your mobile home will have coverage for certain types of flooding. Without Overland Water, you won’t be covered if overland flooding damages your mobile home or what’s inside it. Keep in mind that Overland Water isn’t automatically included with a standard Sonnet home insurance policy, so be sure to review your coverages to make sure you have it (if you’re eligible for it). Also, please note that Sewer Backup and Overland Water are a package deal. They must be bought together, so you have the very best protection.

Did you know? At Sonnet, you don’t need a special type of policy to cover your mobile home. Our regular home insurance policy will cover it – as long as it’s fully skirted, on cement blocks or pillars and has a civic address. This means your mobile home has the same full protection as any other house.

Need more info about water damage? Check out this video, featuring one of Sonnet’s very own!