What to know about HTVs (high theft vehicles)

What is a high theft vehicle?

A high theft vehicle (HTV) is a vehicle that has been identified as a top target for thieves. A $500 annual surcharge will be added to your Sonnet premium to insure this type of vehicle.

How do you identify high theft vehicles, and why mine versus someone else's?

One of the key factors that determines your car insurance cost is your vehicle's year, make, and model. And if you drive a vehicle that's highly sought after by thieves, it'll probably cost more to insure. Why? Because there’s a higher chance of a theft claim.

Every year, a list of the top stolen vehicles in Ontario is compiled from data collected by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Based on the trends found within this data, your vehicle could be considered a high theft vehicle if:

  • It's a pickup truck, luxury car, or SUV
  • It has a keyless remote entry fob
  • It doesn't have an ignition immobilizer

Tip: Visit Équité Association to see high theft vehicle lists by province. Plus, find out more about vehicle theft and how it impacts Canadians.

How can I save on the HTV surcharge?

If you have an after-market tracking and recovery device professionally installed in your vehicle, we’ll remove the $500 annual surcharge.

You can also remove theft coverage from the vehicle by starting a policy change in your online Sonnet.ca account. Coverage for theft is included in Specified Perils, Comprehensive, and All Perils coverages.

Heads up! If you remove any of the coverages listed above, you could be left to pay out of pocket for replacing a stolen vehicle as well as other situations. Please review the descriptions of all the coverages. This will ensure you're making the most informed decision.

What qualifies as a professionally installed after-market tracking and recovery device?

In order to qualify for the HTV surcharge removal, you must have an approved after-market tracking and recovery device – like Tag, or something deemed similar – professionally installed. This type of device has the ability to track the location of your vehicle anytime and all over Canada and the United States. So, it can help police recover your vehicle. This could lead to an arrest – and hopefully, the safe return of your vehicle to you!

What doesn’t qualify?

Other anti-theft devices like steering wheel locks, car alarm systems, hood locks, and electronic immobilizers don’t qualify for the surcharge removal. Factory-installed devices (like OnStar) also don’t qualify. It's still a smart choice to use these gadgets, though, since they add extra levels of protection to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

I had an approved device installed. How do I add this info to my policy so I can have the surcharge removed?

It's easy! You can add it online – here’s how.

If you're getting a quote:

  1. Start your quote.
  2. On the ‘Your Vehicles’ page, choose ‘Yes’ when you're asked if you have one of these devices. Enter the installation date and certificate number. This will remove the surcharge.
  3. Your final price will reflect the removed surcharge.

If you've received an e-mail at renewal informing you that you have a high theft vehicle on your policy and we've added a surcharge:

  1. Log in to your sonnet.ca account.
  2. Click on your auto policy and then click ‘Edit policy’.
  3. On the ‘Your Vehicles’ page, choose ‘Yes’ when you're asked if you have one of these devices. Enter the installation date and certificate number. This will remove the surcharge.
  4. Your final price will reflect the removed surcharge.

Heads up! If you got a device at any other point in time during your policy term other than renewal and add it to your policy, the surcharge refund will be prorated to reflect this.

Want to save money on your car insurance and up the chances of your vehicle being recovered if it is stolen? Your best bet is to install an after-market tracking and recovery device. It's win-win for you!

Have questions about your policy? Get in touch with us. We're happy to help.