Does my auto or home insurance cover towing a boat?

A boat isn’t covered under an auto insurance policy. Under a home insurance policy, there's some coverage for boats, including liability and physical damage. Learn about what coverage there is for your boat.

Here are a couple of other common insurance questions about towing a boat.

1. Under my auto policy am I allowed to tow a boat?

Yes, you can tow a boat with a trailer. Be sure that your trailer follows legal safety requirements. If you get into an accident, the coverage for your boat and your trailer aren't covered by the same policy.

2. Does my home or auto insurance policy provide coverage for my boat trailer?

It depends on the coverage and if the trailer is listed on your home or auto policy.

When a trailer is attached to an insured vehicle, a trailer can have some coverage.

Heads up! Coverage varies by province, so you’ll need to review your policy wordings. Learn about what coverage there is for your trailer.