Does my landlord insurance cover tenant damage?

Yes, your landlord insurance will cover certain types of unintentional tenant damage. For example, let’s say your renter accidentally leaves a pot on the stove and causes a kitchen fire. Your landlord insurance is there to help repair the damage to your rental property. And what if the place is unliveable during repairs and your tenants have to stay somewhere else? You’d be losing out on your rental income during that time. The good news is, your policy would kick in to help cover that lost income until it can be re-occupied (for up to 12 months!).

What won’t your landlord insurance cover? Any intentional damage your tenant causes, like if they spray paint a wall in their unit, or make a hole in the wall (in short, vandalism). Theft by a tenant also isn’t included. Neither is any long-term damage caused by poor housekeeping by your tenants. Finally, your landlord policy won’t cover regular wear and tear (like run-down carpets), or general maintenance issues – you’re responsible for fixing things like broken cupboard drawers or creaky stairs as part of your landlord duties.