Do I need personal liability insurance?

Yes. You do need personal liability insurance.

Personal liability is a coverage that’s generally included in every homeowners insurance policy (including Sonnet’s). And, for good reason. Simply put, it covers your legal fees if you’re found responsible for:

  • Accidentally damaging someone’s property
  • Accidentally injuring someone

Let’s say someone slips on icy stairs at your home. Or, you break a neighbour’s window playing backyard baseball. The affected person could sue you for medical or repair costs. And without liability coverage, this could cost you big. This coverage ensures you won’t pay hefty legal bills out of pocket should the worst happen. And, it covers you anywhere in the world. Because legal fees don’t come cheap, you should have a minimum liability limit of $1 million.

Did you know? Dog bites are one of the most common claims in insurance. Liability covers this, too.

Personal liability can get complicated. Learn more about liability coverage.

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