What ISN’T covered by my home policy?

Just as it’s important to know what your policy covers, it’s also important to know what it DOESN’T cover. Depending on where you live or your situation, you may need additional insurance coverage for certain things that aren’t covered by your standard home policy, like:

  • Flood
  • Earthquakes and landslides (you can purchase additional earthquake coverage)
  • Wear and tear, and maintenance
  • Loss or damage caused by mould
  • Hail damage (Alberta homeowners/rented dwellings only)
  • Sewer backup coverage 
  • Specialty belongings over $3,000 per item or $10,000 combined. We consider jewellery, watches, gems, furs, collectibles (including sports cards, comic books, sports memorabilia, rare or signed books, coins and stamps), and silverware to be specialty belongings
  • Freezing, unless it happens within part of your house that is heated and you haven’t been away for more than 14 consecutive days
  • Direct damage caused by skunks, raccoons, birds, vermin, rodents, bats and insects

Planning to be away from your house more than 14 consecutive days? For your coverage to apply, you must:

  • have someone ensure that your home is being properly heated while you’re away, or
  • shut off the water supply and drain all pipes and appliances, or
  • have your heating system connected to an alarm service that is monitored at all times and can respond to any emergency.