How is my Sonnet Shift auto premium calculated?

To calculate your auto insurance premium, Sonnet Shift looks at three key factors to evaluate how you drive, when you drive and how much you drive.

Driving Result

Your Driving Result is the discount or surcharge applied to your premium quarterly (every three months), based on your Driving Score from the previous 90 days. A good score can save you up to 35%, but risky driving could cost you up to 30% more. Keep tabs on your projected result and premium, updated weekly in the app.

Mileage Contribution

The Sonnet Insurance app tracks the kilometres throughout your entire policy term, for each driver enrolled in Sonnet Shift. Each driver’s Mileage Contribution helps calculate the total annual premium at renewal, and it’s used as a factor in calculating the quarterly Shift Adjustment. You can view your mileage in the app to see how much you’re driving.

Mileage Discount

Your Mileage Discount is applied at renewal based on how much you drive. You could be rewarded for driving less, since fewer miles on the road means less chance of an accident (plus, it’s more eco-friendly). Check the app to see your Projected Mileage Discount.

Heads up! Even though Sonnet Shift puts you in control of your car insurance premium, we still look at traditional rating factors like where you live, your driving record, your past claims, and other information about you (like your age).

Remember, every three months we give you the opportunity to earn a better discount! Be sure to keep tabs on your Driving Score and use the tips provided to continually improve your driving.