How is my Sonnet Shift Driving Score calculated?

Your Driving Score is calculated by combining the individual scores from every trip you’ve taken in the last 90 days. The score is updated in real time and ranges from 0 to a perfect score of 100. The Driving Score is what we use to determine your quarterly Driving Result. Based on your Driving Result, you could save up to 35% on your auto insurance premiums just for driving safe. On the other hand, if you’re a riskier driver your premium could increase by up to 30%. It pays to be a safe driver.

Here’s what the app records to determine your Driving Score, listed in order of impact:

  • Smooth Driving – This measures how smoothly you accelerate and brake on the road. It can indicate the risk of being involved in a crash or having an insurance claim. Smooth driving and gentle braking result in a better score.
  • Mobile Use – This measures how attentive you are while driving. Using your phone while your vehicle is moving (e.g., using GPS, unlocking your phone, selecting music, or taking a hands-free phone call etc.) will negatively impact your score.
  • Speed – This measures if you’re maintaining a consistent, safe speed throughout your trip. Cruise control and keeping an eye on the speedometer can help you avoid speeding and earn a better discount.
  • Fatigue – This measures the length of your drives. Shorter trips and regular breaks will improve your score, while regularly driving long distances without breaks will reduce your score.
  • Time of Day – This measures when you usually drive. Getting on the road when there’s minimal traffic and during the daytime will improve your score. Regularly driving during rush hour and at night will reduce your score.
  • Road Risk – This measures the difficulty of the roads you drive and how safe they are (e.g. a high number of intersections or lanes, heavy traffic or pedestrian density, poor street lighting and the frequency of accidents). Avoid these types of roads to help reduce your score.

You can view the breakdown of your overall Driving Score on the Dashboard screen of the Shift section in the app. Want to review the details of a trip you just took? Every trip detail is recorded and can be reviewed in the Trips tab (found in the Shift section in the app). Plus, you’ll get helpful tips on how you can improve your driving habits.