What is the Sonnet Shift Mileage Contribution and how is it calculated?

What is your Mileage Contribution?

Sonnet Shift tracks the kilometers that all enrolled drivers of your vehicle(s) drive throughout your entire policy term. We use this to compare how often each driver enrolled in Sonnet Shift drives. In the app, this is called your Mileage Contribution. Quarterly, your Mileage Contribution is used as one of the factors in calculating your premium.

Did you know? If you’re the Primary Named Insured, you’ll be able to track the Mileage Contribution of all enrolled drivers. This way, you know who’s driving the most. Handy if you’re the one paying for gas!

How is your Mileage Contribution calculated?

When you first enroll in Sonnet Shift, we ask you to tell us who drives each vehicle the most (the Primary Driver). We also ask who drives each one less (the Secondary Drivers and/or Young Drivers). These details help us determine your premium from the moment you sign up.

Then, throughout your policy term, we track your actual mileage. We compare the mileage for each individual driver with the total mileage of all drivers assigned to a vehicle. This gives us a percentage that we call your Mileage Contribution. Every 3 months from the start of your policy, we use this as a factor in adjusting your premium.

The easiest way to look at Mileage Contribution? Think about the breakdown of your hydro bill. The usage may change and could result in a higher or lower premium for each driver on your next Shift Adjustment.

Do unenrolled Secondary Drivers contribute to your Mileage Contribution?

We can’t track the Mileage Contribution of unenrolled Secondary Drivers. That’s why we assign them a combined Default Mileage Contribution of 20%. The total Mileage Contribution for all drivers on the vehicle equals 100%. The 80% left over will be distributed among enrolled drivers based on their tracked Mileage Contribution.

Heads up! Your Mileage Contribution is slightly different than your Mileage Discount.