Which Sonnet auto insurance package is considered full coverage?

Full coverage can differ from one insurer to the next, and can also change depending on whether you own, lease, or finance your car. 

“Full coverage” generally means that you have comprehensive, collision and liability coverage. However, sometimes insurance companies include extra coverages as part of this package, like rental cars or ticket forgiveness. At Sonnet, our “full coverage” policy would fall under The Ultimate package, and includes our rental car bundle, replacement value bundle, and ticket forgiveness – unlike The Essentials or The Preferred packages. 

If you lease or finance your car, your lessor or financing company may have additional or specific coverage requirements for your vehicle as a condition of your agreement with them. While The Ultimate package offers “full coverage”, it’s always best to compare your agreement and policy to be sure. For more information, check out our blog, Auto Insurance 101: What is perils coverage and why should I care? 

No matter which Sonnet package you choose, be sure to review the coverages so you understand what you’re covered for. You can also easily add additional coverages that you may need – and if you get stuck, contact us.