How do I update my daily commute or annual driving distance?

If your driving habits have changed, you want to make sure your auto policy reflects this. Whether you now have a shorter daily commute or will be driving more over the course of the year, you can update these distances through your Sonnet account in a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account and select your auto policy.
  2. Click Edit policy.
  3. Select Update vehicles, drivers and coverage and the date you want the change to take effect.
  4. Click the vehicle you’d like to update (if there is only one vehicle on your policy, it will already be selected).
  5. To update your Annual distance, select the range that matches how far you drive in a year. To update your Daily commute (one-way), enter in your one-way commuting distance in kilometers.
  6. Continue through to Your coverage details. Click Update policy.
  7. Click Update policy one more time to make the change.

If you currently have a quote and need to make corrections to your commuting or annual driving distance, you will need to start a new quote.