What is an eSlip? Plus, other answers to the most common eSlip questions.

An eSlip (also known as a digital pink slip) is an electronic version of your motor vehicle liability card. It can be accessed through your smart phone’s digital wallet. They are now accepted as legal proof of car insurance in most provinces and territories in Canada.  

Is the paper version of my liability card being eliminated?

No. The paper version of your liability card (or pink slip) will still be available. You can now choose how you wish to show proof of auto insurance depending on which province you’re in.

Heads up! Sonnet will continue to mail paper versions of the pink slips for the time being. If you choose to receive a digital pink slip, you also always have the option of requesting a paper version of your pink slip.

Which provinces accept eSlips as proof of auto insurance?

Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Newfoundland & Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, Yukon and the Northwest Territories are the provinces and territories that presently accept eSlips as legal proof of insurance.

Heads up! Residents of Quebec should continue to carry a paper copy of their proof of insurance along with an eSlip in case they are requested to show it for a police officer.

Am I required to use an eSlip as proof of auto insurance instead of my paper version?

No. Receiving and using an eSlip is optional. It’s just another option for you to show proof of auto insurance in certain areas. However, you must consent to receiving your electronic proof of auto insurance.

If I consent to using an eSlip, am I also required to carry a paper version of my pink slip?

It depends on the province you live in or are travelling to. In some provinces, you may choose your format, an eSlip or the paper version. However, in some provinces like Quebec, you should continue to carry a paper pink slip in addition to the eSlip.

Also, if you are travelling to another province or state where eSlips are not yet accepted, you will need to carry a paper version of the pink slip as proof of auto insurance.

Heads up! It is your responsibility to know the requirements with regards to providing proof of insurance when travelling from one jurisdiction to another.

Are there any limitations or requirements for eSlips?

Yes. You will need to have a mobile device.

For iPhone users, your eSlip can be downloaded right to your phone’s wallet app from the Sonnet Insurance app.

For Android users, please note that our eSlip is only compatible with Google Wallet.

Heads up! Once you’ve downloaded the eSlip to your mobile device, you don’t need Wifi to access it. However, you are responsible for making sure your phone is in working order (that includes ensuring it has enough battery) if asked for proof of insurance.

You should also make sure that your eSlip is set to show on a locked screen to protect other information on your phone when your eSlip has to be shown for use or inspection.

Do I need to set up any phone permissions to use eSlips?

If you are an iOS (iPhone) user, the Background app refresh setting must always be turned ON. This setting allows eSlips to automatically update when you make a policy change or renew your policy.
Follow these steps to turn this setting ON:

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings and scroll down until you see the Sonnet Insurance App.
  2. Simply tap the Background App Refresh toggle, so it is ON (green).

Can I share my eSlip with others if they need to use my vehicle with my consent?

Yes, your digital wallet allows you to share your eSlip with another driver who has a smartphone. You can transfer your eSlip to others when they’re driving your vehicle with your consent.

However, please be aware when you share your eSlip with others, you will also be sharing your personal information, including your email address.

Are there times when I may be required to show or provide my eSlip to others?

Yes, there are times when you may be required by law to show proof of insurance to someone such as a police officer or government staff. It is your responsibility to make sure that you can show proof of insurance when required to do so.

Heads up! A police officer or other authorized person may need to take temporary custody of your mobile device if you’re relying on your eSlip as proof of insurance. Please be advised that you assume the risk of any loss or damage that may happen to your mobile device during this time.

Will anyone inspecting my eSlip be able to access other information on my mobile device?

Your mobile device is your responsibility.

To protect your information, you can show your eSlip on a locked screen. It’s recommended that you only show your eSlip on a locked screen. This reduces the risk of others gaining access to other apps and information on your mobile device while viewing your eSlip.

Steps to lock your phone screen:

If you are on an iPhone using Apple Wallet, to enable iPhone screen locking, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on Guided Access by going to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access.

  2. Select Passcode Settings, enter a passcode and enable Touch ID. On iPhone X or newer, enable Face ID.

  3. Tutorial instructions on your screen will tell you how to use Guided Access to lock your screen.

If you are using an Android wallet, follow these steps to enable screen locking on Android:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and select Screen Pinning or Pin Windows. The location of this setting depends on the model of your phone and the version of Android you use. Possible locations are:

    • Settings > Security
    • Settings > Personal > Security
    • Settings > Security & Location
    • Settings > Lock Screen & Security

  2. Make sure to turn on Screen Pinning/Pin Windows and turn on the option to require passcode/unlock pattern before unpinning.
  3. Tutorial instructions on your screen will tell you how to use Screen Pinning/Pin Windows to lock your screen.

It is your responsibility to activate any privacy settings and to ensure your mobile device is capable of using privacy settings.

What happens if I can’t access my eSlip because there is a problem with my phone (e.g., the battery died, or the screen is damaged)?

The responsibility to show proof of insurance applies to any operator of the vehicle, regardless of any technological problems. This includes weak cellular service, power interruptions, drained battery, or poor visibility of the eSlip. Law enforcement procedures may also block the effective use of an eSlip. Failure to show a valid insurance card, including an eSlip, for inspection by a police officer could result in charges and/or fines.

Heads up! It’s always a good idea to also carry or keep a paper copy of your pink slip in your vehicle.

Can I just use my eSlip if I am driving in a different province?

eSlips are not accepted in all provinces and territories. Be aware that when driving outside of your home province, the requirements for showing proof of auto insurance may be different than where you live. It’s recommended that you keep a paper copy of your pink slip in your vehicle at all times.

How do I show my eSlip on my phone?

It’s easy! Just open your digital wallet app on your smartphone and click on the eSlip to view it. You should also lock your smartphone screen in order to reduce the risk of others accessing additional apps or information while viewing your eSlip.