What is Sonnet Shift?

Sonnet Shift is our usage-based insurance program that puts drivers in control of their car insurance premiums.

Using an easy-to-download app on your smartphone, we track and collect your driving behaviours for every trip you make. We’ll review the collected data from the last 90 days and use that information to calculate your auto premium for the next three months, at your quarterly Sonnet Shift Adjustment. Based on your review, a discount or surcharge is applied.

What determines whether you get a discount or a surcharge on your premium?

It’s simple – you’re rewarded for safe driving habits with savings on your premium, while riskier driving could result in a surcharge (which means you’ll be paying more). This is why we want to see you drive your best – so you get the most savings possible!

Here’s how we determine the price of your Sonnet Shift premium:

  • A one-time Enrollment Discount
  • Driving Score and Driving Result
  • Mileage Contribution
  • Mileage Discount

Heads up! Your Mileage Discount is evaluated annually at renewal.

Click the links above to learn more about each of these, and how they could impact your premium. Have questions about Sonnet Shift? Contact us – we’re happy to help.