Who can drive my car under my insurance in Québec?

In Québec, others are permitted to drive your vehicle under your personal car insurance. The person you lend your car to must have your permission. They must also have a valid licence and also be using your car legally (not for racing, for example).

If the person borrowing your car gets into an accident, you may or may not be compensated. This depends on the coverage you have on your policy:

  • If the driver isn’t at fault, you’ll be reimbursed for the damage. This is even if you only have liability but no collision coverage.
  • If the driver is at fault, you’ll only be reimbursed if you have collision coverage for damage to the insured vehicle.

And one last thing to remember – in Québec, no matter whose insurance will pay out after an accident, that accident will always be filed under the driver’s personal claims file (not the car owner’s). In any case, when it comes to lending your car, always be sure the person borrowing it is a safe driver.