Is there a waiting period for my car or home insurance?

At Sonnet, there’s no car insurance waiting period or home insurance waiting period. You’re covered starting on the policy effective date that you selected. If you purchased on the date you needed coverage, then you’re covered instantly!

To make sure you’re insured, you’ll receive a confirmation email after buying that will help you set up your account. In your account, you’ll see your policy details as soon as you log in. You’ll also have access to your documents that will confirm the start date of your policy.

Read and review your Policy Summary, which is a document for your personal reference. You’ll also be able to download your Proof of Insurance, which can be given to a third party to show that you’re insured. And, if you have an auto policy with us, the digital copies of your pink slips are also available for immediate download. (Don’t worry, we’ll send you the physical copies in the mail.)

Need help with your policy details? No problem! Contact us via email or chat and we’ll be pleased to assist you.