How do you get car insurance in Québec?

In Québec, auto insurance consists of both public and private insurance.

Public insurance:

All Québecers are insured for bodily injuries by a public insurance plan managed by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). It covers all Québec residents, whether they have a driver’s licence or not.

The plan compensates a person if they suffer injuries due to an accident with a vehicle. For example, what if a cyclist gets hit by a car? Well, they could receive money from the SAAQ. And, they’re covered anywhere in the world, whether they’re responsible for the accident or not.

Private insurance:

If you want damage to your vehicle to be covered, you’ll need to buy private insurance. And, most importantly, it also includes civil liability. This is required by law, and covers injuries you cause to others as well as damage to their property.

To get private insurance, you’ll definitely want to shop around. This way, you can find the best rates and coverages that work for you and your vehicle. At Sonnet, you can get an online quote in around just 5 minutes. No phone call needed!