Is my quote the final price?

In general, yes! As long as all questions were answered accurately, this is your final price – it won’t change upon purchase.

However, there are a few scenarios where your quoted premium could change:

  • If you update the coverages or make certain changes in your saved quote. Updating coverages can raise or lower your quoted premium. Adding extra protections, for example – like Sewer Backup Coverage to your home policy – costs more and bump up your premium. On the other hand, if you raise your deductible, generally you’ll see your quoted premium go down. 
  • If you change your coverage start date. Changing the date your policy starts could impact your premium, since the new date could push it into a new rating period. 
  • If your saved quote has expired, or if the coverage start date you selected has passed. We will honour your saved premium for 45 days. After 45 days, your quote will expire and you’ll need to re-quote – and the premium will likely be different, even if your address, vehicle or situation hasn’t changed. If the coverage start date you chose is in the past, you’ll also need to re-quote – and your premium will change according to the rating period. 
  • If we become aware of information that wasn’t originally disclosed. Our website’s advanced analytics pull information from your driving record and your claims history. If you forgot to disclose something (like a ticket or claim), we’re required to apply that information and re-rate accordingly.

If you have any questions about your quote, don’t hesitate to contact us via chat or email – these are the quickest way to get in touch, and we’re always happy to help!