I tried to get a quote and I received a message that says you don’t have the right product for me. What does this mean?

We check all of the necessary information about your home or vehicle during the quoting process, we can tell you straight away if our products are unable to cater for you specifically. Although our home and auto insurance cover a lot of different locations and situations, here are some examples of what we can’t cover:

  • Provinces and territories where we don't offer insurance .
  • Any home or auto policies where the circumstances aren’t “personal use”. For example, if you use your vehicle for ride share services, or you have too many tenants.
  • Certain locations/vehicles/drivers that require specialized insurance, or a higher amount of insurance than we can provide.

If you entered everything correctly and received this message, we’re sorry we’re not able to cover you at this time. If you think you received this message in error, feel free to quote again and make sure your details are correct.