Why can’t you insure my older or imported vehicle?

There are a couple reasons why we can’t insure your older vehicle. At Sonnet, we only insure vehicles built in North America in 1981 or later. Why? To simplify the quoting process and give you our best price, we ask only the questions we need to. Then, we gather the rest of the details from public service providers. When it comes to an auto quote, we get information for your vehicle from the Insurance Bureau of Canada. This includes the manufacturer, model, year, make, equipment, and class. Unfortunately, the information available doesn’t include vehicles built before 1981. Without this information, we can’t give you an accurate quote.

Do you live in Alberta? If you own an older vehicle in Alberta, the laws are a little different than the rest of Canada. In Alberta, basic auto insurance is required by law for any private passenger vehicle used for day-to-day commuting. This means, if you own an antique, collector, or other vehicle older than 1981 that meets this definition, you can get basic insurance coverage (this includes liability, accident benefits, and Collison – Not Your Fault). The same goes for a vehicle not built in North America (e.g., an imported vehicle) that also meets this definition. Just keep in mind that this coverage does not include optional physical damage. Be sure to review your policy to know exactly how you’re covered.

Still have questions about insuring an older vehicle or need a car quote for one in Alberta? Chat with one of our licensed insurance advisors. They’re here to help Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m ET.