Who can sign up for Sonnet Shift?

Sonnet Shift is currently available to drivers in Ontario and Quebec. But check back soon – more Canadians will be able to sign up for Sonnet Shift, our usage-based insurance program in the near future. The program is completely voluntary and free to join, too!

Here are the Sonnet Shift eligibility requirements:

All drivers, other than excluded drivers, must meet Sonnet Shift’s underwriting rules;

  • It’s required for the Principal Driver and any Young Driver (under 25) to be enrolled in Sonnet Shift, if the Principal Driver signs up for the program. For any Secondary Drivers, it’s optional;
  • All enrolled vehicles must be of private passenger type and must have Liability coverage at all times while enrolled;
  • To enroll and remain enrolled in Sonnet Shift, all enrolled drivers must:
    • Hold a valid full or probationary driver’s licence. Drivers insured on another policy, excluded drivers, and drivers with a learner’s licence are not eligible to enroll in Sonnet Shift;
    • Have their own iPhone or Android smartphone.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today – it only takes a couple of minutes.