How do I qualify for the winter tire car insurance discount in Ontario?

In Ontario, you may be eligible for a winter tire insurance discount if you have a full set of winter tires. True winter tires will be marked with a logo of a three-peaked mountain and a snowflake. To get the discount, most insurance companies need you to have your winter tires installed from November 1st until April 1st (although this can vary).

The Ontario government hasn’t made winter tires mandatory – but they’re highly recommended. Winter tires are specially designed for driving in snowy, icy conditions. Having them on your car will help protect you, your family, and other drivers. 

Just getting a quote with Sonnet? To add the discount to your quote, simply check the box asking if you have winter tires. The winter tire savings will be instantly applied.

Already a Sonnet customer and you’ve just bought winter tires? Update your policy by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sonnet account.
  2. Click on your policy.
  3. Click on Edit policy.
  4. Click on Update vehicles, drivers and coverage.
  5. Check the box to indicate that you have winter tires.
  6. Save your changes. 

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