Why did my home insurance premium increase?

The most common reason is because you’ve filed a claim. If you haven’t filed a claim in the past year, it may be because of other factors that affect home insurance premiums that are beyond your control. It could also be due to changes you’ve made to your home.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your home insurance premium might go up:

  • Annual changes to general underwriting rates. Sometimes, insurers do file for and apply a rate increase based on general market trends. Your payments could go up because of this.
  • Aging municipal infrastructure. Outdated infrastructure like old sewers, for example, would mean more sewer backup claims. This would up premiums in that area.
  • More frequent extreme weather events. With the increase in hail, heavy rainfall, forest fires and floods, the number of damage-related claims is also going up.  
  • Changes to trends in your area. These could include a new subdivision in your area, a new commercial development, or an increase in vandalism or theft. 
  • Renovations or other changes to your home. Any changes or updates you make to your home (like adding a pool or finishing your basement) can drive up your premium. Why? Because replacement cost for these new additions is higher.
  • Eco-friendly features. Adding eco-friendly features like solar panels or energy-efficient doors and windows are great for the environment – and could save you money on your heating bill. But, they’re also more expensive to replace if something happens.
  • Newer homes cost more. If you’ve moved into a modern home, those high-end convenience features will raise replacement cost – and could cause a home insurance premium increase compared to your old place.