Drive safe and get rewarded with cheaper car insurance!

Safe drivers can save up to 35%. Score cheaper car insurance with good driving habits.

Safe drivers can unlock BIG savings on car insurance

Sonnet Shift puts you in control of your car insurance premium and rewards you for making smart choices behind the wheel.

Unlike traditional car insurance, Sonnet Shift comes with an app and takes your driving behaviour into account when determining your rates. Shift is designed to give good drivers great rates – with all the same benefits and coverages as traditional insurance. It’s time to let your driving skills speak for your premium!

How does Sonnet Shift reward safe drivers?

Shift is a behaviour-based car insurance solution with rates that change with your driving habits. It uses an app to record, analyze, and determine your Driving Score – and lowers your car insurance with safe driving. Here’s what the app does:

Captures your Driving Score

Your Driving Score is calculated from every trip you’ve taken in the last 90 days. It’s updated in real time, ranging from 0 to a perfect score of 100.

Displays your Driving Result

Your Driving Result is a discount or surcharge applied to your vehicle premium based on your Driving Score. You could earn a better discount every 3 months, on your quarterly premium adjustment.

Provides personalized driving tips

Get personalized insights into your driving habits right in the Sonnet Insurance app. The tips we offer can help you become a safer driver and you could earn a discount – but, riskier drivers could see a surcharge.

How is my Sonnet Shift Driving Score calculated?

The Sonnet Insurance app collects details about certain driving behaviours whenever you’re behind the wheel. Don’t worry – trips and Driving Scores are private for each driver, even when more than one driver is enrolled.

Here’s what the app looks at to determine your Driving Score. It’s listed in order of impact, so you know what to focus on to potentially get a better discount:

1. Smooth Driving

A steady pace is not only fuel efficient – it’s also safer. Pay attention to traffic conditions to avoid accelerating too quickly or braking suddenly. Smooth driving and gentle braking results in a better score.

2. Mobile Use

Distracted driving makes you slower at reacting to hazards and more likely to be involved in a crash. Distracted driving is considered anything that pulls your attention away from the road, this includes using your device hands-free.

3. Speed

How fast you drive impacts how quickly you can react to hazards on the road. Maintain a consistent, safe speed so you have plenty of time to stop if you need to and avoid getting into unnecessary accidents.

4. Fatigue

Long trips take a toll on your attentiveness and reaction time. Shorter trips and regular breaks will improve your score, while regularly driving long distances without breaks will reduce your score.

5. Time of Day

When you drive plays a role in how safe your trip is. When you can, stick to daytime driving and avoid rush hour when roads are busier.

6. Road Risk

We’ll evaluate the roads you took during your trip. Some routes are safer than others. Try to take well-lit roads with fewer intersections and less traffic.

Safe driver + Sonnet Shift = Savings! Save up to 35% on car insurance.
Get cheaper car insurance with even more discounts!

Enrollment discount

New to Shift? Receive a one-time limited Shift Enrollment Discount that automatically saves you 10% on your first Shift Adjustment.*

Mileage discount

At renewal with the Shift program, you could be rewarded for driving less through our Mileage Discount. Fewer miles on the road means you’re less likely to get into an accident (plus, it’s more eco-friendly)!

Bundle home and auto

Bundling your home and auto insurance could mean up to 20% savings for you.

What do I need to do to get Sonnet Shift?

  1. Quote → Choose Shift
    Get an auto or bundled insurance quote by answering some basic questions. Then, choose Shift as your car insurance of choice.
  2. Download the app and activate
    After purchase, we’ll give you instructions on how to download the Sonnet Insurance app. After downloading, follow the simple steps in the app to activate and start driving with Shift!
  3. Inform additional drivers
    All drivers on your policy who are enrolled in Sonnet Shift are required to download the app and activate their accounts within 15 days of the policy start date.

Sign up for Sonnet Shift and help support climate action

Sonnet Shift encourages safe driving behaviours that are also eco-friendly. But that's just the start of our commitment to going green. Along with our Sonnet sustainability promise, we’re also donating 1% of your Sonnet Shift premium to local charities focused on green infrastructure.

Learn more at Green Communities Canada

Want to know more about Sonnet Shift?

Behaviour-based car insurance is a new experience for many drivers. Whether you have questions before, during or after you sign up, most answers can be found with a quick visit to our Sonnet Shift FAQs. You can also contact us directly – we’re here to help.

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*Enrollment discount typically only applies until the drivers’ first Shift Adjustment. Once you’ve taken at least 20 trips and driven 300 kms, the enrollment discount will be replaced by your Driving Result – a discount or surcharge based on your driving behaviour – on your next Shift Adjustment. If you haven’t taken at least 20 trips and driven 300 km, the enrollment discount will remain for one more quarter (3 months). It’ll be removed on your next Shift Adjustment.