Safe drivers save up to 35% on auto insurance

With Sonnet Shift usage-based insurance, you’re in control.

Insurance rates driven by you

Sonnet Shift puts you in control of your car insurance premium and rewards you for making smart choices behind the wheel. Our free, easy-to-use smartphone app monitors your driving for every trip you take and scores it from 0 to a perfect 100. Every three months you could earn savings of up to 35% for driving safely, and you could also get a Mileage Discount of up to 10% just for driving less. But, very risky drivers could pay up to 30% more. It’s simple: safe driving helps you save money.

Currently, Sonnet Shift is only available in Ontario and Québec. Get a quote to see if you’re eligible, and take advantage of our 10% Enrollment Discount just for signing up!

[upbeat music starts]

>> Introducing Sonnet Shift: The next generation of auto insurance.

[Woman happily driving down a highway in an open top car. Sonnet Shift logo fades in followed by text.]

Finally, insurance that rewards your good driving and updates your premium every three months!

[Animated outline of a bouncing car icon with a checkmark inside draws in. On the left, states ‘Rewards your good driving’]

[Bouncing car icon changes to an icon of a calendar with the words 3 Months that flips. Text changes to include “and updates your premium every three months”]

You have the control to save up to 35% based on your driving choices.

[Background video of a woman unlocking and entering a parked car. On the left, “Save up to 35% based on your driving choices.” fades in above a mock phone with the Sonnet Shift application interface.]

[On the screen is the Sonnet Shift logo and a dashboard titled ‘Your Sonnet Shift Dashboard’. The dashboard contains a policy number and a meter that represents Driving Results.]

[A label below the meter reads Projected Discount. The meter changes from 0% to -35%. The meter indicator moves all the way to the right.]

If you drive less, you could earn up to an additional 10% annual mileage discount.

[Background video changes to 2 men walking with bikes and having a conversation.]

Whether you receive a discount or surcharge is now up to you.

[Phone screen scrolls down to show projected savings, mileage and trip information. The numbers for mileage collectively decrease and the projected savings amount changes from 5% to 10%.]

[An icon of a sales tag pops up over the phone.]

[Background video slides out. Text over phone disappears.]

[Screen scrolls back up to show the meter again. The meter moves to the left, the value shifting from -15% to 20%. The label below the meter switches from Projected Discount to Projected Surcharge.]

[Text appears on the right “Whether you receive a discount or surcharge is now up to you.”]

What you pay will reflect how often and how safely you drive.

[Animated icons representing how often, and how safely fade in alongside the text.]

Our easy-to-use app will analyze how you drive to determine your Driving Score.

[A new scene fades in, and a phone appears on the left. Then the text “How you drive = Driving Score” appears on the right. As this text appears a screen called “Your Driving Score” appears with a meter for driving score. It goes from 0 to 80 and the label for the meter changes to “Good”. It then increases to 88 before the scene fades out.]

We'll also give you helpful tips on how to improve, so each driver enrolled in Sonnet Shift has control of their premium.

[Background video appears of hands on a steering wheel. The text “Sonnet Shift drivers have control of their premium.” fades in on the left.]

With Sonnet Shift, if you drive safely, you can save more. Plus, you’ll get 10% off just for signing up.

[Background video changes to a family packing a van for a trip. The text “If you drive safely, you can save more.” appears on the right with an icon of a piggy bank. The text on the right slides out and new text appears on the left. It says “Plus, 10% OFF just for signing up. *First sign-up only”.]

Get a Sonnet Shift quote today!

[The scene is overlayed, and the Sonnet Insurance logo appears.]

Want to pay less for car insurance? Here’s what it takes.

Drive safely

You’re a good driver – why not be rewarded for it? But, safe driving is more than just obeying the speed limit. Committing to other smart habits also helps prevent dangerous situations on the road. And, each trip is an opportunity to save money with driving tips to help you improve.

Drive less

We think you deserve perks for driving less, too! Fewer kilometres on the road means you’re less likely to get into an accident. Walking, biking or taking transit is also more eco-friendly. That’s why we offer an additional Mileage Discount if you’re not driving as much.

Save more

It’s easy! Making safe decisions at the wheel plus less time spent on the road equals big savings for you. Maintain a high Driving Score to lower your car insurance premium by up to 35%. And, get a Mileage Discount of up to 10% on top of that just by driving less.

6 easy ways to drive better and save
1. Drive smoothly

A steady pace is not only fuel efficient – it’s also safer. Pay attention to traffic conditions to avoid accelerating too quickly or braking suddenly.

2. Put down your phone

Distracted driving is unsafe and illegal. Put your phone on silent and set your music and map ahead of time. We won’t count pulling over to safely use your phone, or paying at the drive-thru while stopped.

3. Slow down

How fast you drive impacts how quickly you can react to hazards on the road. Maintain a consistent, safe speed so you have plenty of time to stop if you need to.

4. Take breaks

Long trips take a toll on your attentiveness and reaction time. Keep fatigue in check by taking breaks throughout longer trips, ideally every two hours.

5. Choose the best time of day

When you drive plays a role in how safe your trip is. When you can, stick to daytime driving and avoid rush hour when roads are busier.

6. Use the safest roads

We’ll evaluate the roads you took during your trip. Some routes are safer than others. Try to take well-lit roads with fewer intersections and less traffic.

Are you eligible to save with Sonnet Shift?

Sign up for Sonnet Shift and help support climate action

Sonnet Shift encourages safe driving behaviours that are also eco-friendly. But that's just the start of our commitment to going green. Along with our Sonnet sustainability promise, we’re also donating 1% of your Sonnet Shift premium to local charities focused on green infrastructure.

Learn more at Green Communities Canada

Getting started with Sonnet Shift

Switching over to Sonnet Shift is quicker and easier than you think! Get usage-based car insurance online in just a few minutes – your wallet will thank you.

1. Sign up

Purchase a Sonnet Shift policy and automatically start saving, with a one-time 10% discount just for signing up.

2. Set up

Download the Sonnet Insurance app and activate it within 15 days to automatically track and score your driving.

3. Start driving

Monitor your driving in the app to take control of your premium, with the chance to improve every three months.

Want to know more about Sonnet Shift?

Usage-based insurance is a new experience for many drivers. Whether you have questions before, during or after you sign up, most answers can be found with a quick visit to our Sonnet Shift FAQs. You can also contact us directly – we’re here to help.

Setup and Privacy
What permissions do I need to allow on my smartphone to use the Sonnet Insurance app?

You’ll need to allow access to a few things on your phone so the Sonnet Insurance app can track your trips. But don’t worry, it’s easy to set up these permissions when you’re setting up your account. We’ll prompt you the whole way through the setup process!

If you’re an iOS user:

  • Location Services must be set to Always Allow with Precise Location turned on. You must also Always Allow the app to use your location in the background, even when you are not using the app. To check your settings, go to Phone Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services.
  • Motion & Fitness must be set to ON. To check your settings, go to Phone Settings > Privacy & Security > Motion & Fitness
  • Background app refresh must be turned ON for the Sonnet App. If this setting is off, it may cause trips not to be uploaded to your device. To check your settings, go to Phone Settings > Sonnet App and ensure Background App Refresh is toggled ON.
  • Background app refresh should also be turned ON for your whole device. To check your settings, go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and ensure it's turned ON and set to WiFi & Cellular Data.
  • Offload unused apps should be turned OFF. If this setting is on, it causes unused apps to become inactive to free up storage space. To check your settings, go to Phone Settings > App Store and ensure Offload Unused Apps is turned OFF.

If you’re an Android user:

  • Location Services must be set to Allow all the time with Use precise location turned on. To check your settings, go to Phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Sonnet Insurance > Permissions > Location.
  • Physical Activity must be set to ON. To check your settings, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Sonnet Insurance > Permissions > Physical Activity.
  • App Power Management or Battery Optimization must be set to Allow the app to run in the background. To check your settings, go to Phone Settings > Apps > Sonnet Insurance > Battery > Select ‘Unrestricted’.
  • The Sonnet app can enter “hibernation mode” on Android devices. This causes all necessary settings to be turned off and prevents the app from tracking trips. The setting that causes this mode may be named differently based on your device. To ensure this setting is OFF, go to Phone Settings > Apps > Sonnet App > turn OFF the setting called either Pause app activity if unused, Remove permissions if app isn't used or Remove permissions and free up space.

After updating any of these settings, it’s important to log into the Sonnet App with the correct username and password. Then if requested, follow the prompts in the app to continue setting up the proper permissions.

These permissions always need to be set properly for the Sonnet App to collect trip data. If we can’t track your trips because permissions were not set properly, you could be removed from the Sonnet Shift program.

Need help downloading and setting up the Sonnet Insurance app? We’ve got you covered.

Who can sign up for Sonnet Shift?

Sonnet Shift is currently available to drivers in Ontario and Quebec. But check back soon – more Canadians will be able to sign up for Sonnet Shift, our usage-based insurance program in the near future. The program is completely voluntary and free to join, too!

Here are the Sonnet Shift eligibility requirements:

All drivers, other than excluded drivers, must meet Sonnet Shift’s underwriting rules;

  • It’s required for the Principal Driver and any Young Driver (under 25) to be enrolled in Sonnet Shift, if the Principal Driver signs up for the program. For any Secondary Drivers, it’s optional;
  • All enrolled vehicles must be of private passenger type and must have Liability coverage at all times while enrolled;
  • To enroll and remain enrolled in Sonnet Shift, all enrolled drivers must:
    • Hold a valid full or probationary driver’s licence. Drivers insured on another policy, excluded drivers, and drivers with a learner’s licence are not eligible to enroll in Sonnet Shift;
    • Have their own iPhone or Android smartphone.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today – it only takes a couple of minutes.

How is my data protected?

Keeping your info safe is important to us. It’s our priority to ensure it’s always kept confidential and secure, and we have strict safeguards in place to protect it. Plus, we’ll always ask for your consent before we collect, use or disclose your personal information.

In accordance with our Sonnet Shift Terms and Conditions, we do need to share your data with our service providers. This is done on a need-to-know basis and only when permitted by law. Don’t worry, we’ll also make sure that protecting your info is as important to them, as it is to us. This includes making sure they have secure networks and take physical security measures to keep your information safe.

Want to learn more about how we protect your information? Check out our Privacy Policy.

What personal information does the Sonnet Insurance app collect?

The Sonnet Insurance app collects certain details during every trip you take. This allows Sonnet Shift to do its job. The data we collect lets us measure your driving behaviour so we can get your Driving Result. Your Driving Result is a discount or surcharge applied quarterly (every three months from your policy start date) to your car insurance premium.

The data we collect during each trip may include, but is not limited to:

  • Global positioning system (GPS) time and location data
  • Accelerometer data, gyroscope data
  • Location services on/off data
  • Screen on/off data
  • Magnetometer data, and other smartphone or instrumentation data
  • Mobile device ID
  • Phone call start and end time
  • Battery level and charging status
  • Technical information about your mobile device’s hardware or software. This could include your mobile device’s make and model, operating system version, and software version. It could also include other technical information relating to your mobile device.

We may also use specific personal information such as your name, address, phone number and email address. This info would be used for authentication purposes.

Usage-based insurance is new to a lot of drivers, and we want to support you every way we can if you have questions. The data we collect helps us do this. It also helps you help yourself! You’ve got access to some of your driving data, too, in the form of your Driving Score in the app. You can actually view the precise details of your trips – including things like a map of your routes and how well you drove on your trips (yes, it even shows where and when you might have braked a little too hard!). This means that each trip is a new opportunity to learn how to better your driving habits – and save even more on your car insurance.

How do I download and set up the Sonnet Insurance app so I can use Sonnet Shift?

Once you’ve signed up for Sonnet Shift on, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to download and activate the app. Any additional drivers who have enrolled will also receive a welcome email and instructions, along with a link to create their own account.

Each driver enrolled in the Sonnet Shift program must complete the following:

  1. Make sure you’re opening the welcome email on your smartphone.
  2. Use the link provided in the email to open the app store (either iOS or Android) and download the app.
  3. Agree to the Sonnet Shift Terms and Conditions.
  4. Enable all permissions required for tracking purposes.

If you don’t complete the set up within 15 days of the enrollment effective date, we’ll have to start the process to unenroll you from the program . So make sure you set up your app as soon as possible so you can get driving – and start saving!

If you can’t find the welcome message email, check your junk mail (spam). If you still can’t find it, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

What type of smartphone do I need for Sonnet Shift?

To sign up for Sonnet Shift, you must have a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone with the latest operating system (OS), or at least have the three prior OS versions installed. The Sonnet Insurance app is what we use to record your driving habits so it’s best to keep your smartphone up to date with the most recent versions of the OS available to you.

Remember, never use your smartphone while you’re driving! It’s dangerous, and it counts as smartphone distraction on your Driving Score.

Can I opt out of Sonnet Shift at any time but remain insured with Sonnet?

Yes. You can opt out of Sonnet Shift at any time. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Start a policy change.
  3. Select Switch out of Sonnet Shift.
  4. Remove all enrolled driver(s) from the program.
  5. We’ll update your usage-based auto insurance policy to a traditional auto insurance policy and send you a confirmation email.

Keep in mind that any drivers on your policy who were enrolled in Sonnet Shift with you will lose any discounts from the program. Your premium will be adjusted on the date you unenroll. if a driver's score at the time of unenrollment results in a surcharge, the surcharge will be applied to your traditional auto premium moving forward (provided that at the time of your unenrollment you have 20 trips and 300 kms attributed to you in a Collection Period).

Once this change is completed, Named Insureds can still access the app. They will no longer have access to the Sonnet Shift section. Additional drivers will no longer have access to the app.

Heads Up! Deleting the app from your smartphone won’t automatically withdraw you from the program. You’ll still need to log into to completely unenroll. Follow these steps to stop the app from tracking your driving.

How is my Sonnet Shift auto premium calculated?

To calculate your auto insurance premium, Sonnet Shift looks at three key factors to evaluate how you drive, when you drive and how much you drive.

Driving Result

Your Driving Result is the discount or surcharge applied to your premium quarterly (every three months), based on your Driving Score from the previous 90 days. A good score can save you up to 35%, but risky driving could cost you up to 30% more. Keep tabs on your projected result and premium, updated weekly in the app.

Mileage Contribution

The Sonnet Insurance app tracks the kilometres throughout your entire policy term, for each driver enrolled in Sonnet Shift. Each driver’s Mileage Contribution helps calculate the total annual premium at renewal, and it’s used as a factor in calculating the quarterly Shift Adjustment. You can view your mileage in the app to see how much you’re driving.

Mileage Discount

Your Mileage Discount is applied at renewal based on how much you drive. You could be rewarded for driving less, since fewer miles on the road means less chance of an accident (plus, it’s more eco-friendly). Check the app to see your Projected Mileage Discount.

Heads up! Even though Sonnet Shift puts you in control of your car insurance premium, we still look at traditional rating factors like where you live, your driving record, your past claims, and other information about you (like your age).

Remember, every three months we give you the opportunity to earn a better discount! Be sure to keep tabs on your Driving Score and use the tips provided to continually improve your driving.

Could using Sonnet Shift potentially raise my insurance rates?

Yes, unsafe driving behaviour could increase your premium up to 30%. Plus, poor driving isn’t only dangerous to yourself – it’s dangerous to other people. But there’s always room to grow!

Learn how your driving scores and discount (or surcharge) are calculated and find out how to improve your score with helpful safe driving tips we give you in each section.

What coverages do the Sonnet Shift driving discounts or surcharges apply to?

Discounts or surcharges will be applied to any drivers that are enrolled in Sonnet Shift. If you’re eligible and qualify for the enrollment discount, Driving Result, and the Mileage Discount they will be applied to the following coverages:

  • Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • All Perils
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive or Specified Perils
  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage

Discounts are not applied to endorsements or Family Protection Coverage.

Have more questions about your Driving Result? Want to know more about the Mileage Discount? Not sure how the Enrollment Discount applies? You can contact us – we’re here to help! Or, read our handy FAQs for instant answers:

  • Driving Result
  • Mileage Discount
  • Enrollment Discount
How is my Sonnet Shift Mileage Discount calculated?

Sonnet Shift tracks the mileage (or total kilometers) driven by each enrolled driver over the policy term. Your Mileage Discount is a savings calculated based on how much you’ve driven. At renewal, if eligible, each driver is rewarded for driving less, since spending fewer miles on the road means it’s less likely an accident will happen (plus, it’s more eco-friendly). 

How do I qualify for the Mileage Discount?

To qualify for the Mileage Discount on your next renewal term and to remain eligible for the discount:

  • ALL eligible drivers (including Secondary Drivers) assigned to the enrolled vehicle must be enrolled in Sonnet Shift
  • You must enroll in Sonnet Shift during the first eight months of your policy term
  • Your annualized mileage must fall within a set kilometer band below:
    • 1-5,000 km driven = 10% discount
    • 5001-7,500 km driven = 5% discount
    • 7,501-10,000 km driven = 2.5% discount
    • >10,001 km driven and above = 0% discount

What is my Projected Annual Mileage?

The Projected Annual Mileage Discount (which you can view on your Dashboard in the Sonnet Insurance app) shows how many kilometers the app predicts you’ll drive over the course of the policy term, based on how many you’ve already driven. It’s updated once a week, every Sunday. This isn’t set in stone, though, since it depends on how much you drive.

What is my Projected Mileage Discount?

The Projected Mileage Discount (which you can view on your Dashboard in the Sonnet Insurance app) shows the percentage discount you’re on track to receive on your next renewal term! It’s also updated once a week, every Sunday. Like the actual number of kilometers you drive, this is subject to change based on how much you drive.

What is the Sonnet Shift Mileage Contribution and how is it calculated?

What is your Mileage Contribution?

Sonnet Shift tracks the kilometers that all enrolled drivers of your vehicle(s) drive throughout your entire policy term. We use this to compare how often each driver enrolled in Sonnet Shift drives. In the app, this is called your Mileage Contribution. Quarterly, your Mileage Contribution is used as one of the factors in calculating your premium.

Did you know? If you’re the Primary Named Insured, you’ll be able to track the Mileage Contribution of all enrolled drivers. This way, you know who’s driving the most. Handy if you’re the one paying for gas!

How is your Mileage Contribution calculated?

When you first enroll in Sonnet Shift, we ask you to tell us who drives each vehicle the most (the Primary Driver). We also ask who drives each one less (the Secondary Drivers and/or Young Drivers). These details help us determine your premium from the moment you sign up.

Then, throughout your policy term, we track your actual mileage. We compare the mileage for each individual driver with the total mileage of all drivers assigned to a vehicle. This gives us a percentage that we call your Mileage Contribution. Every 3 months from the start of your policy, we use this as a factor in adjusting your premium.

The easiest way to look at Mileage Contribution? Think about the breakdown of your hydro bill. The usage may change and could result in a higher or lower premium for each driver on your next Shift Adjustment.

Do unenrolled Secondary Drivers contribute to your Mileage Contribution?

We can’t track the Mileage Contribution of unenrolled Secondary Drivers. That’s why we assign them a combined Default Mileage Contribution of 20%. The total Mileage Contribution for all drivers on the vehicle equals 100%. The 80% left over will be distributed among enrolled drivers based on their tracked Mileage Contribution.

Heads up! Your Mileage Contribution is slightly different than your Mileage Discount.

How is the Sonnet Shift Driving Result discount or surcharge applied to my policy?

Your Driving Result is a discount or surcharge updated quarterly (every 3 months from your policy effective date) to your car insurance premium, as long as you took 20 trips and drove 300km over the last 90 days. If you haven’t driven enough during the last 90 days, your Driving Result will not update. This means you’ll either have no Driving Result (if you never had one) or the same Driving Result that was applied on your last Shift Adjustment.

If you have more than one driver enrolled in Sonnet Shift, each driver will have their own individual Driving Result.

We calculate your Driving Result based on your overall Driving Score. Depending on how safely you drove over the last 90 days, you could get up to a maximum 35% discount on your premium – but if your driving was on the riskier side, you could see a surcharge of up to 30%.

To see how you’ve been doing behind the wheel week over week, you can view your Projected Driving Result for the upcoming Shift Adjustment in the Sonnet Insurance app. It’s based on your current score and updated weekly based on the last 90 days. It will help you see how you’ve been driving so you can keep getting better – and save money in the long run.

Need some tips on how to be a safer driver? Just check your score breakdown for advice that’ll help you improve your driving.

Heads up! The Driving Result discount or surcharge will be applied to all coverages on your policy except for endorsements (like our Vroom Service Bundle) and family protection coverage.

What’s the Sonnet Shift enrollment discount?

The enrollment discount is our way of saying thank you for signing up with Sonnet Shift! And this means more money in your wallet. If this is your first time enrolling in the program, you’ll receive a one-time enrollment discount, which automatically saves you 10% on your premium. Once you’ve taken at least 20 trips and driven 300 kms, the enrollment discount will be replaced by your Driving Result – a discount or surcharge based on your driving behaviour – on your next Shift Adjustment.

If you haven’t taken at least 20 trips and driven 300 km, the enrollment discount will remain for one more quarter (3 months). But the enrollment discount won’t last forever! It’ll be removed on your next quarter. So, take a drive every now and then to make sure you meet the minimum trips requirement.

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