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Whether you’re renting a condo in urban Edmonton, an apartment in Calgary or a house in the family-friendly city of St. Albert, Sonnet tenant insurance has Alberta renters covered. 

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Why do I need tenant insurance in Alberta?

You’ve finally found the perfect place. Now it’s time to start unpacking and turn your rental into your home. And because you want your stuff to be safe, Alberta renters insurance is there to protect it if the unexpected happens – plus so much more. 

What does tenant insurance cover in Alberta?

Here are some of the common coverages included in insurance for Alberta renters, and a few more additional coverages that we think you should have. Remember, every tenant policy is different. Be sure to review yours so you know exactly what you’re covered for and what you’re not.

Standard tenant insurance coverages

Liability Insurance

Protect yourself and the people in your home in case you’re sued with tenant liability insurance. You’re covered if someone gets hurt while visiting or for damage you may unintentionally cause.

Personal Belongings

This protects property you own that you could pack in a bag or put in a moving truck. It’s often called contents insurance for renters. Things like your clothing, electronics, furniture, etc. are covered. And, they’re covered while they’re on your property or temporarily removed (like when you’re travelling to work – or out of the country).

Extra Expenses

In case something happens and you can’t live in your rented home – you’re covered while it’s being repaired. Choose to stay in a hotel or with friends and family, we’ll provide you with the cash either way.

Unit Improvements

You’re covered for the cost of any damage to improvements you’ve made to your rental unit to make it your own. This could be built-in closet organizers or unique light fixtures.

Identity Theft

This covers you and anyone else on your policy in case your identity is stolen. We’ll reimburse you for legal fees as well as certain other costs that could happen, up to a limit. These could include lost wages if you have to take time off work to sort it out, and payment for services that help you get back to where you need to be.

Additional tenant insurance coverages

Sewer Backup

This coverage can help in some smelly situations. If water backs up or escapes into your rental unit through a sewer, sump, septic tank, or floor drain, this will cover you for the damage caused. Coverage offered depends on eligibility.

Overland Water

You’re covered for damage to your home caused by fresh water, such as excessive rain, spring run-off and melting snow, coming in at ground level through windows and doors. Coverage offered depends on eligibility.

Hail Coverage

If you’re a renter in Alberta, hail coverage is included in your policy. This means your belongings (like patio furniture or a barbecue) will be repaired or replaced if damaged by hail.

How much does tenant insurance cost in Alberta?

$37/month avg. The price of a couple drinks and an appetizer at the bar covers the cost of insurance for the average couple renting a condo.

How it’s calculated
The cost of home insurance is based on information about you and your home. An insurer will consider things like how much coverage you need, the building type and the location of your home and your claims history.

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How you can save on tenant insurance in Alberta

Alberta Teachers

Teachers often have lots on the go which is why we’d like to help you get a tenant insurance quote quickly and easily. Take advantage of our exclusive discount for Alberta Teachers.

Engineering & accounting graduates in Alberta

From design to execution, to knowing numbers – we want to make your life easier. Get an exclusive discount for engineering and accounting graduates on tenant insurance.

Canadian University Alumni

There are perks of being a university graduate. Save on tenant insurance in Alberta if you’re a Canadian University Alumni.

More ways to save in Alberta

You could save an average of $474 with Sonnet’s group discount. It’s easy - start an online quote and search for the name of your organization or association. A few organizations that trust Sonnet:


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Canadian Association of Social Workers

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Boom Group

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Questions about tenant insurance in Alberta? We've got answers

Getting a tenant insurance quote with Sonnet is quick and easy – with plenty of help along the way. Read through our current blogs and most commonly asked questions on tenant insurance to get started.

Who needs tenant insurance in Alberta?

No matter who you are – a bachelor or budding family, a student or young professional. No matter where you live – a condo in urban Edmonton, an apartment in Calgary, or a house in family-friendly St. Albert. As a renter, you should have the protection of tenant insurance.

Is tenant insurance mandatory in Alberta?

Tenant insurance isn’t required in Alberta, but it’s common for landlords or rental contracts to require proof of insurance before you can sign the lease. So, do you need a renters policy? No matter what the conditions of your rental are, having tenant insurance is always a good idea. Consider how much it would cost to replace all the things in your place, out of your own pocket. Renters insurance has those costs covered (and more) in case the unexpected happens.

How to save money on tenant insurance in Alberta

With Sonnet, the cost of your renters insurance is based on your unique information. So, when we calculate your price, the savings are already built-in. And, you’ll always get our best price. Here are a few ways Sonnet helps you save on your tenant insurance:

  • Exclusive Sonnet savings. Self-service has its benefits. Save just for purchasing your insurance online.
  • Claims Free. No recent claims? Lucky for you that means savings. 
  • Multi-policy savings. Insure your home and auto with us and you could save even more.

Get a quote online to see your price with savings included – it’s free and there’s no obligation to buy.

How does tenant insurance work in Alberta?

Tenant insurance works together with landlord insurance to make sure both the owner and the renter are protected. The owner has landlord insurance which specifically covers damage to their property and certain belongings. Your landlord’s coverage doesn’t protect your belongings as the renter. Instead, you need tenant insurance to cover damage to your property and protect you against liability.   

How do you get tenant insurance in Alberta?

Getting renters insurance in Alberta is easy. With Sonnet Insurance, you can get a tenant insurance quote online in 5 minutes. All you’ll need is the address of the place you’re renting and the answers to a few simple questions – we do the rest of the work for you! Get a quote now.

How do you calculate the cost of tenant insurance in Alberta?

At Sonnet, we use your personal information combined with public information about your rental to calculate a price just for you. By asking just a few simple questions we can learn: 

  • Where your rental is located
  • Home structure, age, type of heating, etc.
  • Number of past claims
  • Information about you (age, credit score if applicable, etc.)

Using this info and a whole lot of math and statistics, you get the most competitive price – savings included. The whole process takes just 5 minutes and the price you’re quoted is final. Buy online right away or save your quote and lock in your price for 45 days or until the coverage start date (whichever is sooner). 

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Average monthly premiums for tenant insurance in Alberta are based on current Sonnet policies as of February 2024, with assumptions made to determine demographic groups.

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